What is the Perfect Tweet?

Based off an analysis of over 129,300 Tweets from the Interbrand 100 top global brands, these tactics performed the best for the 100 leading brands, and can be used to test your own success on Twitter.

Use Hashtags & Links Together: Tweets with hashtags AND links outperform Tweets with just one or another.

Clear CTAs: Tweets containing the word “click” average 35% more engagement than the brand average.

Urgency: Tweets containing the words “right now” or “today” average higher engagement than the brand average.

Maintain Frequency: Top performing brands average 1-5 Tweets per day.

Use Pictures: Tweets with images average 2X the engagement of Tweets without images.

Share links with photos: Links with embedded photos perform 29% better than plain text Tweets with links.

Via the Simply Measured Blog

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