Lifestyle Brands – Are You One of These?

Everyone wants to have a “lifestyle brand” – one of those brands that represent a way of life – a life you want to have (or at least a life you want your friends to think you have). What bucket does your brand fit into – and how can you expand your brand?


Southwest Airlines Rebranded

Southwest Airlines on Monday unveiled a new logo amid a brand overhaul that includes a new look for its aircraft. The new “Heart” paint scheme will be the carrier’s first new livery since it introduced its current “Canyon Blue” look in 2001.

Screen-Shot-2014-09-08-at-11.17.35-AMThe new logo and look aren’t only for Southwest’s fleet of Boeing 737s. The carrier also rolled out a new-look website Monday morning, and says the new branding will go up at its airports nationwide. Rapid Rewards cards and in-flight snacks also received the new treatment.

The branding overhaul comes amid a year of change for Southwest. The airline is close to wrapping up its merger with AirTran, which Southwest acquired in 2011. The final AirTran flight will take place in December, and Southwest will then need to finish repainting the remaining AirTran 737s that it plans to absorb into its fleet.

“With all these exciting changes happening, we thought it was time for a new visual expression of our brand — one that marries our past to our present and sets the course for where we’re headed in the future.”
— Southwest CEO Gary Kelly



What is Branding?

A topic with which business owners and marketing students alike struggle – what is branding?

A School of Visual Arts Masters in Branding student named Sarah Fudin was inspired to gather 100 definitions of branding from 100 different people in various industries: marketers, designers, strategists, authors and more. These definitions are original and have been acquired through email, phone calls and in-person meetings. We’ve collected our favorites here.