Lifestyle Brands – Are You One of These?

Everyone wants to have a “lifestyle brand” – one of those brands that represent a way of life – a life you want to have (or at least a life you want your friends to think you have). What bucket does your brand fit into – and how can you expand your brand?


Originally built by George Vanderbilt, The Biltmore estate in Asheville, NC, represents a lavish lifestyle. This sprawling historic home and estate lends its name to a range of luxury products through licensing: wine, gourmet food, landscaping, lighting and many others.


Many brands represent the tradition of hard work. Caterpillar, for instance, makes heavy construction equipment, but they’ve expanded into shoes, clothing, outdoor equipment and even toys. The Discovery Channel licensed the name of its “Dirty Jobs” TV show, where host Mike Rowe tries out the dirtiest jobs around, for a line of cleaning products. These brand extensions appeal to everyone from construction workers to weekend outdoorsmen.


Last Spring, “Southern Living” magazine partnered with Ballard Designs to launch the Southern Living Collection. It features dishes, glasses, napkins, silverware and other tabletop accessories—all the stylish things you’d need to host a party that lives up the photos and ideas shown in the magazine. It’s a perfect extension for a brand that represents Southern style, charm and entertaining.


Jeep represents the freedom of driving off-road, and to capitalize on this perception, the brand has licensed its name for a range of products: clothing, knives, tents, bicycles, baby strollers and more.


The Discovery Channel helps the intellectually curious discover new things. My agency helped them leverage this learning lifestyle with brand extensions that ranged from toys to digital voice recorders. Each one helps consumers explore their world.


Nike’s founder’s observation, “If you have a body, you are an athlete,” has set the tone and direction for the brand. Originally a line of running shoes, Nike-branded products now include athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities.

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